Twins Natalie (top) and Danielle

Twins Natalie (top) and Danielle

F = was set up four years ago by sisters Danielle Newnham and Natalie Bardega with one mission - to highlight inspiring women doing amazing work.

After 10 years working in startups, Danielle saw a gap in the press where women should be, so she started seeking them out to interview, knowing that sharing their stories would inspire many others. Natalie, after becoming disillusioned with a career in fashion, focused on our slogan tops, partnering with charities such as Worldreader and Maggie’s Centres.

As of 2019, Danielle runs F = on a day-to-basis and has introduced the F = Community - a directory of female-founded businesses. Why? Because…

  • We have spent four years inspiring women. Now we want to empower them.

  • We know there is a growing desire to shop from other women.

  • We know that women want to empower other women.

  • We know that women prefer to know the founders behind the brands they shop from. And that learning these stories creates a deep emotional connection to the brand.

  • We know that investors, journalists and big businesses are seeking out female-founded businesses to fund, cover, and do business with.

  • We believe the future is female-run.