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Posted on July 20 2016

At Tease and Totes, our mission has always been about empowering women and girls, and we believe this is strongly linked to visibility. It’s the reason we create tops with empowering slogans, the reason we interview women every week to highlight their journeys, and it’s the reason we give proceeds from the sale of our Girl Power range to Worldreader. (It's also the reason our co-founder, Danielle, is writing a book about women in tech ~ she recently signed a deal with tech publisher Apress which we're hugely excited about.) 

In the last year and a half, we have shared almost 100 interviews with kick-ass women including documentary makers, magicians, chefs, actresses, a Grammy award winning songwriter, a barrister, a fashion blogger, a stunt woman, a survival expert, London Fire Brigade commissioner, Fighter PilotEngland women's footballer, stand up comedian and several tech entrepreneurs. And we will continue to do this but we need your help so please feel free to nominate awesome women you know (or yourselves) - details of how to do that at the bottom of this post.

We are also want to say a huge thank you for all the shares from our wonderful community (which we like to call "the sisterhood") ~ whether it's sharing your story or our Wednesday Women stories, images of you wearing our tops or, as happened recently, when the lovely Charlotte Peach reached out to us to share our story on her blog. All of this means so much to us. An excerpt from the interview is below:

“The idea for Tease and Totes came about after Danielle had spent the day at another tech conference where the women were in the minority and the guys there were all wearing their startup t-shirts, She noticed how the guys’ branded t-shirts were a conversation starter so she looked into what existed for females in tech, and female founders, but found that there wasn’t anything out there.

At the same time, I was taking a career break so whilst discussing Danielle’s new book idea about female founders and innovators, we got on to the topic of the lack of visibility of female role models in other male dominated industries such as sport, engineering and we became frustrated that we could only name a few without having to use google to find out about others. This sparked an idea on how we could change this and Danielle then suggested starting a business together where we could really make female role models in business, sports, tech etc more visible through interviews and fashion...

Our brand has always been about inspiring and empowering women. We want the women who wear our product to believe in themselves, be proud of who they are, and reaffirm that they can do anything. This mission is so closely tied to what we do."


So thank you once again and if you want to become part of our empowerment mission and nominate yourself or others to be a Wednesday Woman, or you want to be the first to hear about our soon-to-be-launched sisterhood dinners, please email us on tease and totes at gmail dot com. Thanks all.

Natalie and Danielle xx

Top image of Coral Pearl and daughter Ava wearing our #GirlPowerTee for Worldreader.

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