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Marika Rauscher


Posted on May 13 2015

Marika Rauscher is this week's Wednesday Woman! After a career working in HR in the City, Marika gave it all up to pursue her love of music fulltime. Here's her story:

Newnham: What's your background and how did you get into music?
My parents owned an Austrian restaurant which had live entertainment every night (an accordion player, and my mother sang), so I was brought up with music around me on a daily basis. I couldn't rightly tell you how I "got into music". I think it was the other way around - music got into me and we've been together ever since. Making a career out of it was always my dream and passion, and I am blessed to earn a living doing something I love!

Newnham: What conversation led to you starting up on your own?
I couldn't pinpoint an isolated conversation, but, I was contracting in Human Resources for City Banks whilst building up the business. My final contract was enough to make me reflect on what I wanted out of my life, put things in perspective and take that leap of faith and do my singing full time! I have never looked back. I am now SO grateful for that contract, as it was the hair that broke the camels back in my conscious decision to start up on my own! And no, I won't mention which Bank it was. Hahaha!

Newnham: How do you find running your own business and what are the greatest lessons you have learned about being your own boss?
Running your own business isn't without its own challenges and plain old fashioned 24/7 hard work. I'm not shy of a bit of hard work, and have the passion behind my work to throw myself into it and keep me motivated. I love the personal and creative freedom being my own boss offers me. I get to design my own job and how I do it!
No two days are the same and I am at liberty to try my hand at anything and everything. I revel in that variety, even if it means juggling loads of different hats at any one time, and not always being sure if I'll catch them all. I get a buzz from that! And if I ever feel I've bitten off more than I can chew, I remind myself that someone has offered me that challenge because they believe I can do it. So, I do!

Newnham: What and who are your inspirations?
I find myself being inspired by the most abstract of things, not just artist or composers, or any one person which might be the obvious answers. It can be a building.  A painting. A kids project. A random story. A thunder storm. But most of all - People! People inspire me on the daily basis. Family, friends, colleagues, strangers - it can stop me in my tracks to think of how many strong, courageous, generous, driven, and amazingly talented people I come into contact with on the daily basis.

Newnham: What's the most biggest challenge you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
OK. Can I be completely honest with you? I would say that I am my biggest challenge. Constantly pushing myself and striving to do better to keep growing as an artist, and as a person. Blocking out the voices of self doubt or beating out the procrastination that can set in, in order obtain my dreams and goals. I'm constantly thriving for and chasing the next big project, and making it happen. My success is a mental state of mind, which needs as much input and nurturing as the physical delivery. It's fascinating, exciting and sometimes scary - but it's always, importantly, an ongoing journey of self improvement.

Newnham: If you could go back in time, what advice would you offer a younger Marika?
Stop trying to fit in. You're not on the same path as everyone else, so don't feel the need to follow them and their footprints. It's your journey. Learn to enjoy that journey and not only seek happiness in the end destination. Make your own path and Just. Keep. Going! You're doing OK.

Debut Album: 
"A Broken Heart"

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