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Madeleine Shaw


Posted on September 30 2015

This week's Wednesday Woman is the inspiring Madeleine Shaw, holistic nutritional health coach, blogger, healthy chef, and author of the awesome Get The Glow 

Bardega: Madeleine, can you tell us a bit about your background?
Madeleine Shaw: I’m a yoga teacher, nutritional health coach and bestselling author! I love cooking, and more specifically I cook to heal the gut, with natural ingredients.My recipes are all gluten and refined sugar free. 

When I was growing up I was a bit of a party animal, and your usual crash-dieter living on a diet of rice cakes and diet coke bu that all changed when I moved to Australia. I had terrible IBS, dull skin and was tired all the time. At the same time, I started working at an organic cafe in Bondi and began learning how to prepare food properly, and how to use it to nourish our bodies. I found what foods I should be eating and once I started, I discovered I had loads of energy and my other health problems started to get better. It was really freeing. 

I also started to post pictures of the food I had made in the Cafe on Facebook and, with encouragement from my friends, decided to set up my own blog. I remember the day I sat in my bed in my pyjamas and watched every YouTube video about how to upload a picture and how to best write a blog post. I even looked up how to write a Tweet! I didn’t know anything about Twitter or any form of social media so I taught myself. It was a total experiment so I probably said all the wrong things! I’m terribly dyslexic so I know there were lots of spelling mistakes, but that’s kind of how you learn.

I then took an online course at IIN to become a nutritional health coach before beginning a 3 year degree in nutrition at CNM. I also love yoga, which sparked me to complete my yoga teacher training!

Bardega: As a successful blogger, businesswoman and author you've built a great community of followers - what advice would you give other young women wishing to use social media to build their profile?
Shaw: Blog about what you love, not what you think others will like, and be yourself, people love authenticity. In fact, my top 3 tips would definitely be:

1. Find your voice, be authentic in who you are.
2. Be consistent
3. Spend time on photographs

Self-doubt is the biggest thing that stops people from starting a business. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and thinking 'they could do this better than me'. To succeed in business you need to stop letting negative feelings hold you back.

Other than that, find something you love to do. Starting a business is hard, but if you're passionate, you won't mind the long hours.

Bardega: How do you manage to juggle your work, social media, and study, and keep a healthy balance at the same time?
Shaw: I have a good support team around me, I take one thing at a time, and I schedule my exercise in like meetings so I can't miss them!

I do try and turn my phone off at 9pm and leave it in another room, because otherwise I could easily keep doing work and answering emails until 10.30pm at night. But it's tricky because in a way, I am my work, so I’m working all the time.

Bardega: You are a role model to so many but what/who inspires you?
Shaw: My mum, she is a positive ball of energy with the most contagious smile. She has built her own successful business while bringing up our family.

I also love lots of Chefs. I’d say Diana Henry is my favourite

Bardega: Finally what advice, if any, would you give a younger Madeleine?
Shaw: Don’t stress about what job you're going to have or who you're going to be in life. Let life unfold, say yes to everything, and be grateful for everything that you've got.

Madeleine Shaw Website / Facebook /Twitter / Instagram / YouTube
You can pre-order Madeleine's Second book Ready Steady Glow

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