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Zoe de Pass


Posted on July 13 2016

We are such big fans of this week's Wednesday Woman - Zoe de Pass - mother, fashion blogger, brand consultant and chief DRESS LIKE A MUM  Here's Zoe's story:

Newnham: What were you like as a kid?
de Pass:
I think I was pretty similar to how I am now - fun loving, love jokes, laughing, dancing, dressing up... 

Newnham: And what do you do now?
de Pass: I am a wife and a mother to two kids - a son aged four, and a daughter aged two. I have a business called DRESS LIKE A MUM which is a popular Instagram feed, blog and consultancy. I am also working on the DRESS LIKE A MUM brand.

Newnham: How did Dress Like A Mum come about?
de Pass:
I started Dress Like a Mum while I was on maternity leave with my daughter - I started it for many reasons including wanting to change the bad reputation of mum dressing. I think once you become a mother people feel like they can judge you. People would say things to me like, "You don't look like a mum", "You don't dress like a mum." I guessed it was meant as a compliment but it was wrong that dressing like a mum was a bad thing so I decided to change it.

Another reason I started my DLAM Instagram was to share breastfeeding friendly outfits with other women. I learnt so much about what I could wear and what works to breastfeed in from feeding my first child that when I came to breastfeed my second, I approached what I wore in a completely different way and thought about how I wished I'd known then what I knew now. I figured there would be loads of other women in this situation so I decided to help them and share my tips and outfit ideas.

I also LOVE fashion and clothes and like many women forgot this a bit just after having my first baby as I was so swept up in them - so by posting my daily outfits i was inspiring and motivating myself to keep this love, and to remind me, and at the same time other mothers (and women), not to lose your love of clothes, identity and the things I/they love (like fashion) once becoming a mother.

The @dresslikeamum Instagram account grew and grew, and the response was so positive that I kept going with it. I was posting ideas of things that people could wear but I was finding that people wanted the exact things that I was wearing so I started to contact brands and they started to send me clothes in return for features. 

Due to the popularity of the Instagram page, I launched the blog and started to build relationships with brands and small businesses that I wanted to work with.

Newnham: And how do you combine running your business and blog with two young kids?
de Pass:
It's not easy because there is not enough time or sleep but I love it.

I also have certain rules - like no phones in the playground or at the dinner table because I don't want my kids to think my phone is more interesting than them.

I work at night and at weekends – it would be nice to have some spare time one day... 

Newnham:  Finally, who/what inspires you?
de Pass
: People who get on with doing their thing; who have ideas and dreams and make them a reality. I have so much respect for people with small businesses and people who make life decisions and changes based on what they believe in and what they want to do.

 Dress Like A Mum Instagram / Twitter / Website

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