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Yael Braun Cohen


Posted on August 17 2016

This week's Wednesday Woman is the awesome Yael Cohen Braun, Founder of Fuck Cancer, which provides prevention, early detection and support for those affected by cancer and  motherlucker an honest, open, uncensored blog about parenthood. Read her story here

Newnham: What were you like growing up? 

Cohen Braun: Pretty much the same! Curious, bossy, organized, kind and always worrying about other people. 

Newnham: You started Fuck Cancer after your mother's diagnosis. But what were some important early lessons you learned about setting up your own non-profit?

Cohen Braun: I learned that you have to entirely believe in what you want to do/build. If you’re not 100% invested why should anyone else be? I learned that you have to choose. Choose what exactly you want to do and why, you can’t do it all. I also learned that you can’t please everyone and you’ve failed the second you try to. 

Newnham: You recently launched Motherlucker which is awesome. How did becoming a mother change you - personally, and from a professional perspective did it impact the path you were on? 

Cohen Braun: Becoming a mom changes everything. And nothing. Everything in that I care so much less about certain things, appreciate other things so much more and really just want to do the best job I can raising a tiny human who is kind and loving and curious and joyful. Nothing in that I’m still the same person, my weird and wonderful personality traits just shine brighter now! 

Newnham:  What has surprised you most - both as an entrepreneur - and as a mother? 

Cohen Braun: How much I care. How much I’m willing to put my own wants, needs, and sometimes happiness aside for that and those that I love. This is sometimes a great thing, sometimes it’s not. 

Newnham: What advice would you offer women looking to set up their own business, especially those with young children? And what advice would you give a young Yael?

Cohen Braun: Know what you want to do and why. Be sure it’s worth missing out on some things for. Be sure you are specific in what you want to achieve and make a plan to get there. Be flexible (things change!) but be sure everything you do builds you towards your goal instead of distracting you from it. 

 Advice I would give a younger me? Chill out, do what you love, and trust yourself. 

Yael on Twitter / Instagram /  Makers Women
Motherlucker Website / Instagram

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