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10 Women in Tech Give Their Younger Selves Advice


Posted on May 17 2017

1. Jacqueline de Rojas, President TechUK, NED Rightmove 

Find your ‘why’. What gets you up in the morning? What do you really care about? The moment I realised that it shouldn’t be this hard to get this far in the tech industry, I started looking around to see why it was so hard. I found a voice and a reason to make the changes I have made in my own life and found the reason for my choice of executive role and board positions.

2. Nicki Sprinz, Co-Founder Ada's List, Business Director, ustwo

  1. Perfectionism is overrated – sometimes just good enough is all you need.
  2. Learn to negotiate better – if you don’t know how to value yourself, how will others?
  3. Be kinder to yourself, we’re all our own worst critics.
  4. Enjoy the journey, and be good to those you meet on the way.

3. Monica Mwanje, Founder and MD of MM Creative Solutions

It’s OK to do things your way and to trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Forge ahead, give it 100% and learn from it good or bad. 

Ultimately progress comes from doing and you won’t achieve much standing still.  So go and get on with it.


4. Suw Charman-Anderson, Founder of Ada Lovelace Day, social technologist, and journalist 

Sometimes, when you are that nerdy girl sitting in physics class, wondering why there aren’t more girls there, it’s easy to believe that you’re so weird that you must be alone. But there are people like you out there, and they can give you help, guidance and support when you inevitably need it. Be brave. Seek them out. You’ll like them, and they’ll like you.

5. Victoria Peppiatt, Co-Founder and COO of Phrasee 

Jump at opportunities that come your way and don't be afraid to try new things... when it comes to work and business, I'm a bit of a believer that everything happens for a reason, so if something doesn't work out then focus on what you've learnt and move on. Don't dwell - it's all a learning curve and you're never going to get everything spot on first time!


6. Tamara Lohan, Co-Founder and CTO, Mr & Mrs Smith
I’d say, "Remember who you are and what you love." Work can be all-encompassing, so I’d remind her to take a step back, look around and enjoy the journey.


7. Iona Inglesby, Founder Dotone, Arctic Husky Trainer 
I always felt like I was a bit weird when I was at school and didn’t quite fit in. I had a different accent (born in London but living in Sunderland). I didn’t know anything about the TV shows and music other children were into; they watched MTV - I built skeletons... I longed to be one of the cool girls, and probably repressed my personality to blend in more and therefore became very quiet. So, if I could go back, I would tell myself that it was good to be different, and to totally embrace being a bit weird because for me, now, there is nothing scarier than blending into society.

8. Robyn Exton, Founder of HER
Challenge yourself more. I spent a bit too long doing things I knew I could do. With the amount of information that is accessible today, you can figure out a way to tackle just about anything. You just have to start with the first step.


9. Nikki Cochrane, Digital Mums

If I could go back in time I’d tell myself believe in yourself and that you can achieve absolutely anything you put your mind to. Anything is possible if you are passionate about what you want to do and prepared to put some serious hard work in - I’m doing this in my forties and loving every minute of it. I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

10. Jude Ower, Founder PlayMob 

Have more confidence and believe in yourself. Years ago I would look at other people running business and think they were super human. As you get into it, it is all about hard work and perseverance but the more you do, the more confidence you build around listening to your gut instincts and making decisions. For me, this all came with experience, from failing, learning and carrying on - all of which are absolutely key to pushing forward to realising your dreams and potential. 


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