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Julie Chabin


Posted on September 24 2014

Drum roll please ~ announcing our very first #WednesdayWinner! Each week we want to celebrate the awesome hustlers and homemakers on our radar and our very first is Julie Chabin of fab app Kimd, the camera app for concerts! http://kimd.cc/

Newnham: What's your background?

I’m a product designer in Paris. I started working in tech in 2009 after a bachelo
r's degree in Design.
I was lucky to have the chance to work for European tech companies and startups such as Dailymotion, Deezer, Mention and Dashlane before I co-founded Kimd.

Newnham: What do you do at Kimd?

Chabin: Kimd is a project that I started so I do a lot of different things there.

Obviously I’m in charge of the design — from experience design to pixel fitting the tiniest icon. I also lead the team so I take care of the development planning, do a lot of copywriting as well as administrative stuff because we’re still a small team.

Newnham: What one piece of advice would you give a younger Julie?

Chabin: Don’t be shy and stop thinking you’re an impostor. It’s advice I could still use sometimes.


@syswarren / http://www.kimd.cc/ 


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