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Fashion Entrepreneur Melika Imoru


Posted on November 26 2014

Talented fashion designer Melika Imoru is our Wednesday Woman! Having worked for many of the top High Street fashion brands including ASOS, Miss Selfridge and River Island, Melika is now a Design Director and runs her own fashion label Melika M, which is sold in global retailers including Next, and has been featured in Indian Marie Claire, Grazia and Vogue.

Bardega: Melika, tell us about your background

Imoru: The first part of my childhood was spent in Iran, where I was born, but then we moved to Devon where I grew up. My parents have always been very creative and a resourceful family and, I was always loved and told how great I was at ‘everything’... This can do wonders for your self esteem! Creatively, I was always very confident, and I went on to study fashion design at Uni, and this is all I have ever done since… I have never looked back!

Bardega: And what do you do now?

Imoru: I own a womenswear fashion label called Melika M, and I am also a Design Director for an online e-tailer

Bardega: What / who inspires you?

Imoru: I am mainly inspired by people and how we approach /react to / view the world. I am interested in craft and culture; the culture of people and their environments. I really don't know where inspiration is going to come from but I just feel it - I think one has to be open to receive inspiration to turn thoughts into something or use it to process ideas.

Bardega: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give a younger Melika?

Imoru: The advice I would give myself is to ask more! Ask for what I want... To go for it and not be shy.  A desire, or a need, for something must be shared and heard in order to be achieved. 


Melika M website / Melika M on Instagram


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