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Megan Knowles-Bacon


Posted on December 17 2014

Credit: The Magic Circle Archives

Today's Wednesday Woman is the fantastic Megan Knowles-Bacon, a female magician from London who was recently elected as the Secretary of The Magic Circle. Aged just 22, this makes Megan the youngest, and first, female officer in this prestigious magic society’s 109-year history!


Bardega: Megan, can you tell us about your background?

Knowles-Bacon: My interest in magic started when I was given a magic set aged 5, but really developed after local magician Roy Marsh performed at my 8th birthday party. Since then, magic has been a huge part of my life. Aged 10, I joined The Young Magician’s Club (a youth initiative of The Magic Circle), eventually graduating to The Magic Circle (TMC) on turning 18. 


Bardega: What are you up to now?

Knowles-Bacon: In October I was elected as Secretary of The Magic Circle. This is a huge honour, and I love the challenges it brings. I also help organise the shows for The Bexley Magic Society, and have recently started working in Selfridges as a demonstrator for Marvin’s Magic.  


Bardega: What do you consider your greatest achievements and what are your goals for the future?

Knowles-Bacon: I’ve achieved a lot in this past year that I am really proud of, including graduating from University and becoming secretary of TMC. My proudest achievement is the success of the UKC Magic Society, which I co-founded and ran whilst at University. In our final year, we were crowned the University’s most active society and one of the best on campus. We ran weekly meetings, produced full stage shows, raised money for charity and encouraged many people to get into magic. Some of the students are now even joining The Magic Circle. 

My current goal for the future is to buy my own theatre! I’d love to produce my own stage shows and get more people interested in watching magic, and I think this would be a great way to do both! I’d also like to inspire more girls to get into magic.


Bardega: What or who inspires you?

Knowles-Bacon: I like to take inspiration from a wide range of things and performers, but my magic is probably most influenced by the world of ballet. Ballet is something I’ve enjoyed doing since the age of 5, so it was logical to include it into my performances. My stage act has a ‘black swan’ theme, and I perform it all en pointe! Watching a good ballet production can teach you a lot about staging, lighting and choreography, and I think ballet dancers are amazing at conveying emotions and stories through movement. These are all aspects that are important to magic, especially when on stage.


Bardega: What advice would you give a younger Megan?

Knowles-Bacon: Be yourself. Being unique and standing out from the crowd is a good thing, especially in the art of magic. It really does not matter what everyone else is doing, you just have to be the best at being you!


magicmegs.com / @MagicMegs92

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