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Natalie Bardega


Posted on December 24 2014

 Natalie Bardega (Left) & Danielle Newnham

As it's a special week this week, being Christmas and all, we thought we would interview each other and let you know a little more about us, and why we set up Tease and Totes!

Natalie, being the oldest (by 25 mins) naturally goes first.:

What's your background?
Bardega: I am a born and bred Londoner. Our parents gave us freedom to be ourselves and always supported us in which either path we wanted to go in.

I fell into fashion purely by accident. Having studied psychology with sociology at University, I left not really knowing what I wanted to do so I took a sales job at Jane Norman; fortunately for me it was the store below their head office and after meeting the owners and CEO several times in passing, they asked if I wanted to join the head office team as a buyer's assistant. I jumped at the chance as it meant more money and no more working weekends! From there, I fell in love with my job and the company working my way up the ladder to Buying Manager.

Leaving after more than 11 years was a hard decision but it was the right time. So off I went and traveled across the States for three months by myself which I loved. I then worked for two more retail companies before finally setting up Tease and Totes.

What do you do now?
Bardega: I help run Tease and Totes with my twin. I'm fortunate enough that Danielle has set up businesses before as I wouldn't have a clue! It was her brainchild really and together we saw a gap in the market

What/Who inspires you
Bardega: Many things inspire me. I love exploring and seeing new things, nothing beats getting out to get your creative juices going. Of course my friends and family have been a huge inspiration, especially my grandmother and grandfather.  My grandfather owned and ran his clothing factory with his father, and my grandmother who came from a poor background, saw what she wanted and never let anything hold her back, investing and building up her own property portfolio

What advice would you give a younger Natalie?
Bardega: That's tough. I guess it would be don't be afraid to take risks and get out of your comfort zone!


 Keep your eyes peeled later for Danielle's Q&A!

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