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Posted on January 07 2015

This week's Wednesday's Woman is the awesome, and great friend of Tease and Totes, Anu Omideyi. Anu is a barrister, singer, songwriter and choirmaster. 

Newnham: What’s your background? 
Omideyi: I studied Law & Criminology at Middlesex University and took a pretty straightforward route to becoming a criminal barrister. The route was to take the Bar Vocational Course (as it was known at the time), which is a Masters degree course, and then pupillage which is essentially training on the job before being taken on as a "tenant" in a set of Chambers. I was called to the Bar in 2001. 

Newnham: And what do you do now?
Omideyi: I'm still a criminal barrister in a private practice. I am based at Furnival Chambers where I sat on the Board of Directors for six years. 

In my spare time, I also sing and run a gospel choir called The Reapers Choir. We were fortunate to be a finalist in BBC1's Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2014. In the last year, The Reapers Choir also released a single called Stand Still, along with a music video; we were also nominated for an award, and sang at numerous venues ranging from Hackney Empire to Kensington Palace, and everything else in between! 

Newnham: Who or what has been you biggest inspiration?
Omideyi: My dad was the single most influential person in my life. He made me believe I could be and do anything I wanted to be and also taught me the responsibility that comes with that. However, I am also inspired by so many people that I meet, know, watch and read about from all walks of life. I learn a lot from a lot. 

Newnham: What do you consider your greatest achievement? 
Omideyi: My greatest achievement is still ahead of me. I'm always striving to do better! But I suppose the thing that makes me most proud at the moment is every time I listen to my girls in The Reapers Choir sing ~ it never fails to send a shiver down my spine!

Watch The Reapers Choir on BBC1's Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of The Year 2014 here

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