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Amy Wadge


Posted on January 14 2015


This week’s Wednesday Woman is the super talented singer/songwriter Amy Wadge. You may not know her name but you’ve definitely heard her work ~ she co wrote “Thinking out Loud” with Ed Sheeran, one of the biggest hits of 2014.

Bardega:  Amy, what’s your background? 
Wadge: I’m 39 and originally from Bristol but moved to Wales to study when I was 19. I’ve been in music since I was 14 when I signed my first record deal, and have never wanted to do anything else. As a singer/songwriter, I have released six solo albums and two duo albums with Pete Riley as well as numerous other projects I have worked on over the years. I've been married to my actor husband Alun for 15 years and we have two little girls, aged 4 and 6.

Although I do still tour, I am now mainly focused on my writing career, working with lots of established as well as up-and-coming artists. 

Bardega: What have you got planned this year?
Wadge: I am currently writing with loads of different artists; I live in London three days a week and write with artists on those days.

I am also going to the States to write in February, and again in March and, I will be attending the Grammy Awards whilst I'm there on 8th February as Ed has been nominated for 3 awards!  

I’m also about to do a little solo UK tour which is the first one I’ve done in years so it’s pretty hectic!

Bardega: Congratulations  on your success with Thinking Out Loud ~ it was one of our favourite songs of 2014! What is it like to co-write with stars like Ed Sheeran? 
Wadge: Thank you! I’ve worked with Ed since he was 17 so although he is a massive star now, he is still just the same every time I see him. I love him to bits, he’s such an incredible talent and I knew he was the moment I met him.

We’ve always had a great working relationship and I love writing songs with him. I learn so much every time I am with him ~ he has an incredible gift with melody and lyrics and his work ethic is amazing.

Bardega: What or who inspires you?
Wadge: Life in general inspires me - I love conversations, as silly as that may sound. With most of the artists I write with, songs come from talking and most of the sessions revolve around the things we’ve talked about.

I like to get to know people when I write with them as it’s important that they say what they want to say and not have ideas forced upon them. One of the greatest things about my job is getting to meet interesting and creative people - every single one of them brings something different so I never ever get bored of what I’m doing; every day is new.

Bardega: What advice would you give a younger Amy?
Wadge: That’s a tough one - I made a lot of mistakes but many of those have led me to what I do now. I did waste a lot of time listening to the wrong people - constructive criticism can be a very helpful and healthy thing but if it spills over to negativity then that's not good. 

I definitely spent some time with negative people that demolished my confidence when I was younger, so I’d probably tell a younger me not to trust everyone and not to give too much of myself to the wrong people. I would probably have partied a little less (I'm currently 18 months sober) but then that's part of being young. Luckily, I have a wonderful team around me now and that's made such a difference to my life.

I am proud to say though that I’ve never given up ~ I’ve come close many times but I always seem to get back up again so my advice to anyone young is don’t give up - it may be a simple saying but, the music industry, especially, is about staying power. 

You can check out Amy's latest news and tour details on her website and follow her on twitter @wadge


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