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Chloe Bruce


Posted on June 24 2015

This week's Wednesday Woman is the awesome Chloe Bruce. A professional martial artist, stunt woman, and performer known for her work on films such as Guardians of The Galaxy and Kick-Ass 2. She won her first martial arts World Championship title in Prague in 1996. Read her story here:

Bardega: Chloe,can you tell us a little about your background ~ what you were like growing up and how you got into Martial Arts?
Bruce: I started martial arts at the age of seven years old, following in the footsteps of my older brother, Danny. My Dad also had a love for the sport and used to train before I was born too, so I guess it was already a big part of our family history!

I started competing at the tender age of eight years old and soon martial arts become not only a hobby, but a passion of mine and a way of life. 

Bardega: As well as being a World Champion in Martial Arts, you are also a stunt woman, choreographer and model - what's it like wearing so many different work hats and what are your favourite bits?
Bruce: My main job title is a performer. Whether I am performing on stage at live events worldwide, doing a photoshoot or shooting stunts for film and TV, I am performing so they all coincide very well for me.

I like change and I like new adventures so having many different paths and avenues for my working life suits me perfectly because I love to have a good balance between all of different areas of work. Every job is different and never the same, it's great! 

Bardega: You have worked on high profile films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Kick Ass 2 - which was your favourite and why?
Bruce: My favourite film I have worked on so far has to be Guardians of the Galaxy. The whole crew were incredible and working alongside Zoe Saldana was just amazing ~ she is so professional and knew exactly what she wanted us to achieve from the word go so it was such a great journey watching Gamora develop and grow as a character. I was also so impressed by Guardians of the Galaxy and so proud to of been such a big part of the team. 

Bardega: What’s been your proudest achievement ?
Bruce: I have so many achievements to be proud of. I always set myself goals, some of which I am not sure if I will ever make but, when I do, the sense of accomplishment is just so overwhelming. 

Two achievements that stand out immediately are winning my first World Championships at the age of 14, in Prague. I remember standing on the podium with the national anthem playing and my parents just in tears of happiness in front of me! 

The second achievement I am most proud of was my Guinness World Record for the most amount of kicks in one minute which I achieved in China in 2011. 

Bardega: As a female role model, what / who inspires you?
Bruce: I get inspired constantly. The littlest things can inspire me, from watching a great video online, reading an inspirational quote and having conversations with friends. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the top athletes in their fields, whether that be martial arts, dance, stunts etc... and their energy always rubs off in a great way. I believe it's so important to surround yourself with good people, and help each other grow. 

Bardega: And finally what advice, if any, would you give a younger Chloe?
Bruce: If I could give one piece of advice, I guess it would be, to never stop chasing your dreams. Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for it. Set yourself goals, and don't give up until you reach them. Keep pushing boundaries and setting new levels!

You can find out more about Chloe on her Website / Twitter

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