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5 Amazing TED Talks By Inspirational Women


Posted on June 07 2017

We pick our top five TED talks given by incredibly inspirational and gutsy women. Here they are:

1. Caroline Paul has done it all - she is an author, ex-firefighter, paraglider and even made a boat out of milk cartons. Her talk is on gutsy girls - something she has written about in her latest book, The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic AdventureGutsy girls skateboard, climb trees, clamber around, fall down, scrape their knees, get right back up — and grow up to be brave women. This talk, filled with stories and advice, will help you spark a little productive risk-taking and raise confident girls.


2. Joy Buolamwini  - an MIT grad student and founder - was working with facial analysis software when she noticed a problem: the software didn't detect her face — because the people who coded the algorithm hadn't taught it to identify a broad range of skin tones and facial structures. Now Joy is on a mission to fight bias in machine learning, a phenomenon she calls the "coded gaze." A fascinating talk about the need for accountability in coding, as algorithms take over more and more aspects of our lives.


3. Consultant Casey Brown shares her insightful views and experiences on how to get paid fairly. She says we never get paid what we are worth; instead we are paid what our manager thinks we are worth, and therefore, especially as women who are commonly paid less than our male counterparts, we must know our value and be able to communicate it well.


4. Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam titles and four Olympic medals, making her one of the most successful sportspeople of our time. Also a philanthropist, fashion designer, and now tech board director, Serena sits down with journalist Gayle King to share stories about her love, life, wins and losses.


5. Lucy Kalanithi reflects on life and purpose, sharing the story of her late husband, Paul, a young neurosurgeon who turned to writing after his terminal cancer diagnosis - with his memoir When Breath Becomes Air. "Engaging in the full range of experience — living and dying, love and loss — is what we get to do. Being human doesn't happen despite suffering — it happens within it."

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