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5 Female Founders on The Importance of Purpose


Posted on May 31 2017

1. Yael Cohen Braun, Founder Fuck Cancer and Motherlucker
Know what you want to do and why. Be sure it’s worth missing out on some things for. Be sure you are specific in what you want to achieve and make a plan to get there. Be flexible (things change!) but be sure everything you do builds you towards your goal instead of distracting you from it. Read Yael's full interview here.


2. Amanda de Cadenet, Co-founder Girlgaze, photographer, presenter, and author 
I have always been propelled by the need for equality. I hate injustice and think I was born an activist, I don’t know why. Maybe because I spent some time in juvie at age 15 as that was when I really saw how bad life could be, especially for females. I also just needed a job to buy myself clothes and food, so desperation is a huge motivator too. Read Amanda's full interview here.

3. Ade Onilude, Founder Women in Marketing
I created Women in Marketing because I felt that the events at the time were very male-orientated. I wanted to do things differently so I went against the rules and created an event that would celebrate women and their contributions. Read Ade's full interview here.

4. Sahar Hashemi, Co-Founder Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy, and author
What drives me is waking up every morning and being stimulated and fulfilled. People call that a hobby but, for me, my work is my hobby. Work is what we do most of our lives, most of our waking hours, so we better be doing something we love. Read Sahar's full interview here.

5. Sherrell Dorsey, Founder ThePLUG and tech journalist
I launched ThePLUG with the goal of creating a technology presence that paralleled that of publications like Wired, Tech Crunch, and Recode, but that has an emphasis on highlighting diverse innovators, startups, and investors. Too often, the quality of our tech journalism is predicated on our sources. If those sources are solely white males or the trite examples of current leadership without any view points of others doing incredible work, we're doing ourselves, and the industry a disservice. Read Sherrell's full interview here.

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