12 Inspiring Women Give Advice To Younger Self


Posted on December 29 2015


At Tease and Totes, we love to inspire and empower women so, as 2015 draws to a close, we decided to revisit some of the great advice shared by our Wednesday Woman interviewees. 

We all know the road of life can be bumpy, with lots of twists and turns, but what if you had the chance to go back in time and give your younger self some advice? Here’s some awesome advice from inspiring women who are making their dreams come true.


Be Different

“Looking back, I wish I would have spent more time discovering who I truly am inside, and realising that if others don’t like me for me, then I don’t need them. Popularity is a fictional idea of achievement that girls obsess over, believing this is the answer to fitting in. What they don’t realise is this… The day you walk across the stage and get your diploma, no one cares whether or not you were popular in high school, so spend that time gaining as much knowledge about every subject you can, discover what you are passionate about, and don’t be afraid to start chasing your dreams at a young age, because it will be the best and most rewarding feeling in the world!
Lauren Galley — Founder of Girls Above Society


Stop trying to fit in. You’re not on the same path as everyone else, so don’t feel the need to follow them and their footprints. It’s your journey. Learn to enjoy that journey and not only seek happiness in the end destination. Make your own path and Just. Keep. Going! You’re doing OK”
Marika Rauscher — Opera Singer


I always felt like I was a bit weird when I was at school and didn’t quite fit in. I had a different accent, I didn’t know anything about the TV shows and music other children were into; they watched MTV — I built skeletons… I longed to be one of the cool girls, and probably repressed my personality to blend in more and therefore became very quiet. So, if I could go back, I would tell myself that it was good to be different, and totally embrace being a bit weird without the fear of not fitting in as there is nothing scarier now than blending into society.”
Iona Inglesby — Founder of Dot One


Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself! I look back now to the way I thought about my career when I first left uni — it never crossed my mind to run my own business and I didn’t think entrepreneurially. Now, it’s the opposite! I love running my own business and have so many projects in the pipeline. This is definitely something I have learned and developed. Anyone can do it!”
Sophie Radcliffe — Endurance Athlete and Founder of Challenge Sophie

"Believe in yourself and take risks because it will open up an incredible world. If you make the wrong decision, then don’t worry because nothing is forever.”
Amber Casey - Creative Director DLKW Lowe


"Enjoy yourself, believe in yourself, have fun and if people say you can't do something - just smile when you prove that you can."
Rachel Yankey OBE - English Footballer, Team GB2012 and Arsenal Player


Trust Your Gut


“The only advice I would give myself is to do what you love and always, always follow your gut!”
Joudie Kalla — Chef and Founder of Palestine on a Plate


“Trust your gut, it always tells you the right way to go. Surround yourself with your friends — they keep you grounded and push you up to the clouds all at the same time. Keep pushing yourself but remember to take some time off every now and again!

But mostly, trust yourself — you’re going to get things wrong but no-one ever learns by getting things right”
Caitlyn Whittaker - Athlete and Engineer


Follow your Dreams

“What I would say to a younger Angie is simply, “You will be fine. I know your dreams feel far away, but that’s life, you will get there in the right time so just trust yourself.

Try everything until something sticks, you’ll know because you will wake up early to do it. Be nice to people, and don’t share all your dreams.

You’re not odd, you are unique, and you are beautiful, always remember that.”
Angie Le Mar — Comedian, actor, writer, director, presenter and producer


“If I could give one piece of advice, I guess it would be, to never stop chasing your dreams. Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for it. Set yourself goals, and don’t give up until you reach them. Keep pushing boundaries and setting new levels!”
Chloe Bruce — Martial Artist and Stunt Woman


“I would take her by the hand, stand her on a paddle board and paddle the moon path with her. I would show her that no matter how bizarre or far fetched her dream is, there is a way to overcome the obstacles. Although it may not be exactly how she imagined the journey, being flexible and open minded will invite some amazing adventures along the way.”
Megan Hine — Adventurer, wilderness expedition leader and survival expert.

Finally, we would like to sign out 2015 with this inspirational answer from one of our favourite Wednesday Women ~ the lovely Juliette Burton - Actress, Writer, Performer.


"Don’t give up and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes and imperfections make you stronger, more beautiful, wiser. Don't be scared of how weird you are; embrace your weirdness! Don't waste a single second of your life not taking those chances of a lifetime because you're scared you're not good enough. You ARE good enough and worthy of an amazing life. And above all; be kind. To everyone. And yourself."


The above quotes come from our #WednesdayWoman interviews, to see the full interviews with these amazing women, please visit our blog at Tease and Totes

Top image is skater Stef Nurding in our #GirlPowerTee (all proceeds from sale of this t-shirt go to Worldreader).


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