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Britt Meets Angela Manuel-Davis

Britt Turpack

Posted on May 21 2018

This week, Britt catches up with Angela Manuel-Davis — an incredibly inspiring woman — motivational coach, fitness evangelist, speaker, co-founder of @Urbanfitness911, founder of @AmdioMethod, @SoulCycle Master Instructor, @Nike athlete and @Corkcicle Ambassador.

As a member of the USA Track and Field Team, Angela was a five-time All-American who held world-ranked times at the 100m. She ran track professionally for Nike, was an Olympic Trials semi-finalist, and a member of the World Championship team… and did we mention, Oprah loves her?! In this interview, Britt ask Angela about her purpose, passion and what’s next for her.


a feeling
a knowing
IT just makes sense
IT just IS


Dear Angela,

Thank YOU for helping me stay in my GLOW.


ANGELA MANUEL-DAVIS: A fitness instructor extraordinaire inspiring change from the inside out. 

Her vessel? A 45 minute spin class in a dark room on bikes going nowhere…but yet everywhere.

OK, So whooooo is she?

Well, on the surface she is an incredible human earth-angel radiating greatness. I’m serious. For many, she really doesn’t need an introduction. I am blessed to not only call her my mentor but my friend. SHE is the reason for HUSTLE IN PURPOSE. So again, Thank you AMD.

I could give you her CV (which is impressive) and there is no doubt you would be wowed and floored and be like, “OMG she’s so cool.” I mean, yes, she is cool. ANGELA is the epitome of cool. That sneaker game is 💯. That Fear Of God Clothing 💯 on point. She walks with confidence. Not in an egotistical way but a COOL way. But real talk, want to know what makes @shapewithangela so special?


And in a time when we have become so desensitized, she has reminded us of what FEELING actually means.#necessary

She has single-handily turned a 45 minute spin class into a spiritual sauna and trains everyone in her room as athletes.

Her words uplift us.
Her words ignite us.
They challenge us and, in turn, bring out the best in us.
They make us laugh and cry and question everything. But in the best way possible.
They make us present in the moment.

She has created a community.

She reminds us all that we were created in purpose. On purpose. For purpose. #angelaism

For me personally, she has taught me my dream is valid.
She has taught me how to live compassionately.
She has taught me how to take my power back and get rid of anything robbing me of that.
She has reminded me thatI’m destined for greatness.
To stay in my lane - BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE GRACE IS. Again, #angelaisms

SHE is a mentor.

So, finally, one year after I had the initial idea for HUSTLE IN PURPOSE (in her class) I had the most full circle, pat myself on the back moment when I got to visit her in her home on April 12th to have a conversation over a smoothie.

PS did I mention she loves smoothies?!? I know, perfection. ♥️


Purpose — let’s talk about it. So many people are in search of it, wouldn’t you agree?

“It’s important to remember we are not created to find purpose. We were created WITH PURPOSE. So it is a shift in perspective. Once this realization happens it becomes an inward search which is why I coach, INSPIRING CHANGE FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It’s putting a demand on your potential.”

(Well said.)

As I previously mentioned, her class is a spiritual sauna with the by-product being a cardiovascular workout.

I think what happens in your room is so fascinating because you take us through these rigorous workouts which leave us all feeling so physically depleted yet at the same time feeling like we could take over the world and solve all of the world’s problems!!! Why is this? (PS her answer is why she is THE BEST and a walking earth angel as mentioned above.)

“In my room I take you through a challenging workout. I put you in a vulnerable position. And I break you physically. But that’s strategic because the physical break is cracking you open spiritually. So in that moment of vulnerability, all of the goodness gets to be poured in to you…

-the hope
-the love
-the joy
-the grace
-the freedom


Why is it necessary to have ALL OF THAT GOODNESS poured into us in that vulnerable state?

“Because so many times we are out in the real world and we FEEL BROKEN and that’s when the lies start to come in… the “You’re not good enough…You’re not worthy… You could never...”

So for me in my room what I feel like I am doing is a REWIRING. It’s doing the fundamental work. And pouring in that foundation for you to go out and do what it is you were created to do… and to be able to withstand anything.”


I am telling you THAT answer above is why MAGIC happens in her class. ♥️


Angela loves to talk about seasons. She always says, “There is a reason for the season.”

Does living in purpose mean life is easy?

“NO! Sometimes LIFE is hard. And just because you’re living in purpose doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. You have to remember you’re never just going through something for the sake of it. There’s a reason for it. There’s a lesson to be learned.”

With that being said, is crisis necessary for change?

“Absolutely. The point of challenge is to grow you. To stretch you. To expand your territory. Expand your capacity. That’s what being durable is. Being able to withstand pressure. You can’t withstand pressure if you haven’t gone through anything. So when you become durable, you become resilient. That’s the point. So you can handle this great assignment and call on your life.”

What’s Next?

I know you have a lot of projects up your sleeve. What or where can we expect to see you?

“I’m currently in a movie! I FEEL PRETTY!!! I am writing a book. I have a digital project coming out this year. At the end of August I am doing a Dream Camp weekend retreat with Deepak Chopra and Nate Burkus.” 

What books are you reading?

The Last Arrow: Save Nothing for the Next Life by Erwin McManus. It’s life changing.”

How do you recharge?

“Prayer 🙏🏽”

Follow Angela here and Britt Loves Smoothies here.

Photos of Holly and Angela by Holly Jo Hubbell
Photo of Angela and Oprah via OWN

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