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Britt Meets All-Female Comedy Group Maiden Voyage

Britt Turpack

Posted on September 04 2018


This week we had the opportunity to sit down with the LA based sketch team, MAIDEN VOYAGE. The highly enthusiastic group of chics have an energy that is so infectious I WISH I could bottle it up and send it to each and every one of you. Aside from being so much fun these women are so special because it is SO SO SOOOOO obvious their comedy comes from a place of JOY. Enjoy this one. It is fun. They are smart. And it ignites an overwhelming feeling of happiness and I HOPE you FEEL every single bit of that while listening.


Ok, so WHO IS Maiden Voyage?

We are an all female sketch comedy group who started doing improv. We met at the Groundlings but honestly we all just clicked. It happened with every single one of us. We just kind of looked around and all knew we had something really special on our hands.

How would you define your type of comedy?

We really want to make sure that our laughs come from a place of joy. We are five women so obviously our comedy is going to come from that viewpoint of being a woman but it is not the focus. Rather, we like to focus on the JOURNEY OF LIFE (aka Maiden Voyage) of being a female…mof being a human. We believe in punching UP and not punching down.

I always say DO WHAT YOU CAN WITHIN YOUR COMMUNITY and you guys (or gals shall I say) are doing that while making me laugh - THAT’S SPECIAL!

Why do you think comedy and laughter is SO important?

More people hear messages through comedy.

Our goal is not to hit you over the head with our jokes.

We are very well aware of the climate we are in today (in society). We try to promote love and joy through our messages because people are not used to hearing that anymore.

Are there challenges that come along with working with five other females?

Yes, but NO, not for us! We are long-lost sisters. It’s easy to do the work when you’re with five people who are so supportive. In Hollywood it’s hard to stay focused with no validation for a really long time, so when you’re with a group who supports you and loves you, LIFE is definitely easier. PS we celebrate A LOT. We celebrate the little things all of the time. #smoothieandspritz



We have been lucky that we have met other women who are willing to throw the ladder down.

Do you think our culture has the wrong idea of SUCCESS?

Yes, definitely. That is why we want to demonstrate that vulnerability and emotion is a STRENGTH not a weakness. We believe success is allowing ourselves to tap into our feelings. To be a whole human. To feel the GOOD and the BAD. Really it just comes down to giving yourself permission to do that.

You know, I think the OLD definition of what a role model looked like was a person hustling so hard in the pursuit of success and pushing all emotions aside in the process. We would like to think THAT IS CHANGING. And after working with Maiden Voyage for so long it has helped all of us redefine our own role models. (each other). We are all emotionally intelligent. We all feel sadness and anger and happiness in BIG ways and together we move through that. We need to allow ourselves an allowance to look up to people who are NOT perfect but who are REAL.

Self care suggestions?

Hands down LOVE ISLAND.

On that note… I will end this. LOL

Until next week,

xx @brittlovessmoothies

Pics by Holly Jo Hubbell



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