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Britt Meets Flynn Skye Founder Amber Farr

Britt Turpack

Posted on July 23 2018

This week, Britt catches up with Amber Farr, founder and chief designer at Flynn Skye, the women’s fashion brand made for free-spirited women, and named after Amber’s own daughter.

In this interview, Amber discusses the motivation behind setting up her own label, how to “fake it til you make it”, and the importance of manifesting your goals.

Amber Farr is cool. Real deal epitome of #COOL.

On the surface, the Venice-based clothing designer has the obvious…

  • A booming business
  • Incredible style that also appears effortless (I mean she is forever my inspo for a cute pair of sneakers with any Flynn Skye dress or anything for that matter)
  • The creator of the wrap skirt
  • Good friends

OK… you get the point?!

She has captured the free spirit of Venice, California into a clothing line and it is almost as if you transcend to the beach any time you slip on any piece that she designs. Seemingly she has it all. But ALL of that (above) came after a lot of hardship, hard work, and her fearless determination to WIN AT LIFE.

Despite ALL of the great things mentioned above, I believe her #COOL comes from her character, AKA the way she conducts herself as a human in day-to-day life.

She is soft-spoken but when words do leave her mouth they have great meaning… or they are just really dry and funny. Sometimes both. Her PRESENCE is her power.

Her #COOL is that she is an incredible mom. A present one. An active one. I have witnessed this first-hand.

Her #COOL is that she is a resilient mother-f*cker who risked it all and took a giant leap of faith to provide for her family when she had nothing…nothinggggggggg.

Her #COOL is that she genuinely supports and elevates those around her. She is a great friend.

Her #COOL is that she knows the names of her employees who hand-make her clothes in downtown LA.


THAT is admirable.


I am so happy for you Amber Farr; it is so fun to see you in your #GLOW.

Per usual, I am so excited to introduce to you my #SMOOTHIE #CONVERSATION CHIC of the week, Amber Farr. My enthusiasm for all of my guests is an 11 out of 10 ALWAYS… because that is well, just me. With that being said, I do have a very special place in my heart for Amber Farr. I have known her for six years and yes, that is a lot of time but there has been so much personal growth and transition (for me) and she has been a supportive friend and role model through all of it.

In true @brittlovessmoothies style I met Amber serving her at Stella. Again, bless you Stella and Soul Cycle. Those two communities that have gifted me with the most wonderful relationships. At that time, Flynn Skye was just born.

If you know about my white board where I came up with the idea for this project, Amber’s pic was on it. So to finally sit down with her was a very proud moment of mine. I hope if you made it this far reading you continue because she has some wonderful things to say. And I guarantee you will be inspired. So here goes…

What was the inspiration behind Flynn Skye?

Money. Necessity. Everyone gets a little taken back with that response. I lost everything seven years ago. It was simple, I had kids to feed. I wasn’t trained in design. MY PASSION is making people FEEL GOOD.


I really had to fake it til I made it. I never “knew” per se what I was doing. With that being said, I am never going to half-ass anything. When Planet Blue asked me to design a collection, I just decided I was going to figure it out and give it my all.

It (Blue Life) became one of their best selling brands. After a while you make people money and you think, “Hey, maybe I should do this for myself.” So I did. And Flynn Skye was born. Vanessa Hudgens caught on and started promoting the brand. Bella Hadid was my first model. And it was all a labor of LOVE. This is why I am so into supporting other people with their dreams. As busy as I am, I try to give back.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing Flynn Skye

What is a daily goal you keep in the back of your mind?

Strive for the best product and everything else will fall into place.

Do you believe that we control our own destiny?

Yes, manifestation for me is knowing where you want to GO. So you have to kind of know the outcome.

What values do you instill onto your kids?

I am a hard worker, trying to be intelligent. I am not book smart. I am self-taught smart (AKA LIFE SCHOOL YES) but those qualities have gotten me far. So I try to instill that in them without creating their journey for them.

Amber and daughter. Image from Flynn Skye

You are in the business of making women FEEL GOOD. How do you define SEXY?

Sexy for women means different things. When a girl puts on something sexy, she walks different. As a result, her energy is different. So to give someone the feeling of empowerment is my end goal.

Who do you gather your inspiration from?

Friends and social media. At every level I am surrounded by inspiration and that is why I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. I will see incredible women in my clothes doing their thing with their own perspective on it.

Would you be open to doing a collaboration with a company like Target to reach a different market of women?

Absolutely. I would LOVE to. We are starting to do collabs with other companies not just clothing… Nails. Skin. Wellness.


It is a great free marketing tool. There has never been anything like that but even the way we use it is changing. It is moving into video with IGTV. I like the authenticity of showing the shitshow happening in my life. (With insta story and IGTV) I do all of my social media. It is my way of connecting and I do try to answer most of my DMs. Social media is also great for making friendships.

As much as I do love it, I also feel like it is isolating us. Everyone is walking around lonely. You know, everyone’s skinny. Everyone’s well dressed. Everyone’s in love. Everyone travels. It’s false perception. So there needs to be balance with it.

Do you have role models?

I truly just try to listen to people. All people. Because you can learn something from everyone.


Something I have learned is that listening is really an art. You learn from listening.

So true… Until next week! xx @brittlovessmoothies


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Images of Amber and Britt by Holly Jo Hubbell
Image of Amber and daughter via Flynn Skye
Image of Vanessa Hudgens via Pinterest.

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