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Britt Meets Founder Christine Daley

Britt Turpack

Posted on June 12 2018

Christine Daley is the founder of Daley Delivery — a healthy food delivery service which allows customers to better plan their week. But she is far more than that and, in this interview, we are taken on a journey. Her journey/

Christine was a passionate cook who wanted to create a business which helps people remain healthy by creating a food delivery business that delivers balanced ready-prepared meals which can be easily reheated. The side-benefits include reducing waste, providing much-needed convenience and of course, improved health.

In this interview, Christine shares how she started out… from bartender — believing in the old adage “fake it til you make it” she once claimed to be an expert bartender — only to land the job and have to google every time she got an order in! On a more serious note, Christine also discusses purpose, success, sisterhood, the importance of letting go, and the huge impact of her mother’s heartbreaking cancer diagnosis. Here’s her story:

ROLE MODEL: a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

SUCCESS: the accomplishment of aim of purpose.

PURPOSE: reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

As I conduct these #SMOOTHIE #CONVERSATIONS each week, it is becoming more evident that this project that was meant to serve others is in reality serving myself. Teaching me more about LIFE than I ever could have imagined. From Day 1, my mission has been to REDEFINE OUR ROLE MODELS in 2018. Highlight women HUSTLING IN THEIR PURPOSE. Describe what “THAT” looks like from my point of view as it is important to remember that success is not just a job title.

I think it is necessary to shine a light on people deserving of attention (in my opinion anyway)…speak some kindness into this world. The world really needs that right now. Humanity needs that right now.

In this great search for what SUCCESS looks like and recognizing PURPOSE, I have learned that this looks different on everyone. Yes, I am aware that is an obvious statement but a lot of times society puts this pressure on us that it must look like the amount of followers we have. Or a verification by our handle. Or likes… you get the gist. (I know I have dealt with this as an insecurity at times)

Let me be the first to say everything mentioned above is not bad…it is just not the whole picture. With that being said, my admiration for the week is for someone who is putting her wants, needs, desires, and DREAMS on hold for someone else.

I am SO PROUD…let me repeat SOOOOO PROUDDDDDDDD to introduce my Chic of the week - Christine Daley.

Christine is a tall lightening bolt of JOY and LAUGHTER who…

Yes, is a chef.

Yes, owns a business. (Daley Delivery)

Yes, supports other females.

Yes, has the best sense of humor.

Yes, is currently working towards her own travel show.

All great things!!! However, she has more importantly decided to put all of that on hold to go be with her mom and her family in Connecticut as cancer has decided to show up at her mom’s door in a not so good way.

I have not known Christine for that long. (Less than a year) No matter where or when I see her whether it is a hike, dinner, her couch, she ALWAYS lovingly speaks of her mom. Her “person.” A lady who I have never met (yet) but feel like I have known my entire life just by the way Christine speaks about her. Someone who understands this thing we call LIFE. I do not need to personally know her mom to know she has LIVED. She has LOVED. TRAVELED. IMPACTED others in a positive way. Has been an example (along with Christine’s Dad) of what good love looks like to Christine and her sister and brother. She has clearly touched so many lives…even those she has never personally met. (Me)

None of this is fair. It just isn’t. It frustrates me as I sit here and write this. It is not fair that THISSSSS is Christine’s reality. It is not fair Christine’s mom is in as much pain as she is in and Christine has to watch HER PERSON go through this. But that is LIFE. And LIFE is NOT fair. It is hard. It is unfiltered. It is real.

The silver lining is that there is goodness in all of THIS. There always is. You just have to look for it. As an outsider to this situation I can tell you where the beauty is. It comes by way of Christine. Despite this unfair deck of cards she has been dealt, she walks with GRACE and LOVE. She chooses happiness. She chooses laughter. She asks me about my day and the things going on in my life. There are times she cries. And that’s ok. It’s healing. But she chooses to focus on the good. And all of THAT is a result of her mom.

So no matter what happens today or tomorrow or six months from now, all of this goodness and love that is her mom will continue to live out through Christine who will continue to be a representation of HER PERSON.




Listen to our conversation here.


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Images by Holly Jo Hubbell

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