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Britt Meets Founder Rachel McClusky

Britt Turpack

Posted on October 01 2018

This week, Britt travels to Austin and catches up with founder of RECHARGE Wellness Co. and Athleta brand ambassador. Here, she talks about the work she does in helping women find balance, the importance of community and not giving into fear.

Just as I believe in #SMOOTHIECONVERSATIONS Rachel McClusky aka @rachelrecharged believes in #SISTERHOOD. #truth.

After all, she is an entrepreneur who has made a business organizing retreats for women by creating spaces and environments for women to come together and focus on the connection between the mind, the body, and the soul.

The twenty something year old natural beauty with glowy skin and long beachy hair transitioned from years working towards a massive music career to a life supporting health, wellness, fitness, and women. #REALNESS

She is a breath of fresh air. A real Girls Girl. I am fortunate enough to call her a good friend. She is a perfect example of how a role model can be your peer. As I have mentioned numerous times whether in this project or just in conversation, I really feel like my life has just started in the last 1.5 years. I know this for sure because of my renewed or should I say FOUND sense of self. Self love. Etc. With ALL OF THAT came a handful of new and meaningful friendships in my life and I am so proud to say that Rachel is one of them.

What is RECHARGE WELLNESS COMPANY and how did it start?

I just wanted a space to have an elevated girls night where we left feeling FILLED UP and not depleted.

One of my biggest beliefs is about the importance of movement every. single. day. (#3) Why is movement so necessary to you and your business?

I think movement is so powerful. Especially when it is done together in a group setting. There is an energy exchange that happens that is indescribable and everyone can benefit. Everyone I know feels better when they are moving.

A walk. A spin class. It does so much more for the mind than it ever does for the body. There’s stuff out there for everyone. You just have to find what works for you. Doing something that makes YOU feel good. For me, it is a non negotiable.


Why is it so necessary to create a safe and healthy space that women can come together in? With that being said why is COMMUNITY so important?

Honestly, this first retreat came out of nowhere. I always just thought I wanted to teach group fitness but at the same time I knew I wanted to create that same safe space for people outside of a workout environment. Community is necessary because the power of connection is so important.

What advice would you give to someone who is struck with fear and letting FEAR hold them back from taking action?

It is cliché but you will miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. At least if you try and fail you TRIED and you put yourself out there. That is the most important part. You know, the most important part is eliminating the fear and trusting that whatever desire is in your heart was put there for a reason, so follow those intuitions. Even if something doesn’t pan out the way you think, you will learn from the situation. TRUST ME.


Painful moments are an opportunity to grow. They are not fun but we can learn from them. Look, if everything was really easy the growth would never come and we definitely don’t change because were comfortable. #REALTALK

How do you define success?

It’s such a crazy word because a lot of times I feel like it is reflected by our bank accounts and it’s not. I believe if I am in my power and I am happy and creating a change and I am living out what my mission is, THAT IS SUCCESS…but I think it is subject to change all of the time, because it should. We evolve constantly so why shouldn’t our goals and dreams also change.

OK, need to know…What are you reading?

I started LOVE WARRIOR. (aka MY FAVORITE) because of YOU. Ha. I love to re-read my favorite books… JUDGEMENT DETOX and YOU ARE A BADASS. Even though I have already read them I gain something new when I re-read them.

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