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Britt Meets LEKFit Founder Lauren Kleban

Britt Turpack

Posted on June 04 2018

Lauren is one of the most in-demand trainers in LA and the founder of celeb-favourite LEKFit studio where she hosts classes of dance-based cardio exercises, trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting training.

Due to the popularity of Lauren's LEKFit method, she now also offers LEKFit on-demand classes which, for a monthly fee, can be streamed from her site here. Britt recently caught up with Lauren to discuss her passion, purpose and what it takes to be a fitness entrepreneur.


There are a handful of women in my life that are a no-brainer for me to feature in HUSTLE IN PURPOSE. Lauren Kleban is definitely one of them!

Initially, my desire to share her story came from a place of wanting to let the world know the kindness she has showed me since the day we met almost two years ago. At that time, I was entering a very transitional period in my life and needed all of the kindness I could get. I am very serious.

Thanks to our dear friend Busy who introduced me to the trampoline bodysuit -wearing dancing queen, I immediately became a LEKfit fan. A LAUREN fan.

No matter the situation, Lauren always welcomes me with open arms… to her studio, to her home, EVERYWHERE. It’s almost as if she has witnessed the stability her space/studio/ LEKfit class has provided me and always encouraged me to come… no matter the circumstances. No judgement. No questions. No explanations. Just trust.

As time passed, our friendship grew. In a nice and organic way. Unlike so many of my other relationships, it was slow to the start. But that was OK. As I began to unfold the many layers to the pint sized blonde (beyond the 50 minute HIIT workout), I became amazed by her. I found an appreciation for this human besides what I saw in class. PS did I mention we share a love of sushi and live music?!? I know!


She wears many hats:








Coffee connoisseur.

Black bodysuit expert.

Encyclopedia of all things wellness.

Advice giving human.


PS I’M EXHAUSTED!!! Are you?!?

When we met for our smoothie conversation, we decided to do things a little different. Switch it up a bit. I was OKwith that…

We did it during the creation of a tattoo. Yes, while Lauren got a tattoo from THE @winterstone.

OK, first and foremost, is it LEKfit (pronounced L E K spelled out) or LEKfit (as in one word?) and what exactly does it involve?

“LEKfit is a dance-inspired fitness method designed by me to create long and lean muscles using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques. LEK are my initials. I say both (spelled out and as a word) but as we are starting to grow, I need to pick! It comes down to what more people identify with and right now I am leaning more towards the word.”


Has dance always been a part of your life?

“Yes! Since I was a little girl. I made it into my career up until I had my firstborn, Miles. After he was born I knew it wouldn’t be a sustainable lifestyle.”

Although dance has been your entire life would you say fitness is your #passion?

“Absolutely! The two have always been a big part of my life and have gone hand in hand with one another. I knew at some point it would be a natural TRANSITION from dance to fitness. Deep down, I have just always had that knowing. It’s been a natural evolution transitioning from one to the other.”

When you created LEKfit, did you ever imagine that it would turn into what it has become? You have not only created a workout class but a lifestyle! In my opinion you have become this encyclopedia for all things wellness and health!

“In the beginning when I started this I thought I would just train friends in the back studio or do one-on-ones with clients. I NEVER expected all of this!”

What I am learning from this project is the best and most successful things start with a pure intention. A simple love for what it is you’re doing. Not with an end goal in mind. Lauren and LEKfit is an example of this.

Is there something special about the work you do and bringing some many women together?

“Yes! We’re building a community and it’s all done with purpose. Each workout is thoughtfully designed and planned out. We’re delivering a new product every single week but that’s where I get excited and find my motivation.”

As an entrepreneur, you wear all of the hats. As your friend, I have witnessed this. I admire your hustle so much. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the car on the way to dinner, you are checking emails, responding to clients, etc. YOU ARE HUSTLING IN YOUR PURPOSE. With that being said, do you have a ritual that recharges you?

“I take an epsilon salt bath every single night. Epson salt detoxifies your body and relaxes your muscles. I also try to read or watch some of my favorite TV shows.”

Ok! What shows?!

“Being Mary Jane and Billions!”

What does your diet look like?

“I believe in eating everything in moderation. I don’t drink alcohol by choice.”

What podcasts are you listening to?

“Hillary Kerr’s MY SECOND LIFE and


For those of you not in the Los Angeles area, DO NOT FRET!!! You can bring LEKfit to your homes. Lauren streams her classes online. Link here! Join the trampoline community. I promise you will fall in love!!! 🖤

Until next week,

xx @brittlovessmoothies

First pic via LEKfit 
All other images by Holly Jo Hubbell 

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