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Britt Meets Music Industry Maven Julie Pilat

Britt Turpack

Posted on August 27 2018

This week, Britt catches up with music business boss Julie Pilat — a stalwart of the music industry with a successful 20 year-history in various roles at Clear Channel stations including KIIS-FM. A music industry maven, she isn’t just making waves in her industry but in the work she does outside of her job — as a storyteller with her Idea Fountain podcast and as someone who empowers the youth in LA.

Prior to journaling any of these interviews, I listen to the conversation and transcribe it myself. I try to find the most memorable quotes or questions that I would like to include in the article. (I feel like there’s an easier way to do this transcribing but so far this has worked and I tend to fall into routine out of comfort so I continue to do this) I really try to capture and highlight the best of the conversation in my writing.

I know I always say I love each and everyone of these women and conversations (I do) and I feel like I type out these exact words every week (I do that too) but as I was listening Julie Pilat’s conversation I thought, WOW. Just WOW… I was kind of floored and that was my only thought. I know Julie is my friend and I think she’s great so I could possibly be biased but again, WOW. I was gifted the opportunity to chat with JULIE PILAT. She is so cool. SO COOL. I am so lucky. And I know it.

I preface this journal entry with THAT (above) because I strongly encourage you to listen to our conversation (press play at bottom of this interview). Yes, of course I would like you to read this as well, but I don’t want you to miss a thing she says. She’s funny. She’s articulate. She’s a fantastic story teller, (with a lot of great stories) and she’s so inspiring.

I promise you it will be with worth it.

Conversation aside, Julie is one of the most authentic people I know. I’m very well aware that word gets tossed around a lot and as a result unfortunately loses its value at times BUT, I really mean it with the DEEPEST SINCERITY.

She is the perfect example of giving without expectation.

She sees the best in people. She cheers for them. She lifts up those around her and she goes WAY out of her way to make everyone’s life a little bit easier. And she does all of that when no one is watching… I guarantee I could easily find TONS of people who would agree with me. SHE IS A #ROLEMODEL.

I don’t know how you’re not exhausted being a good friend but cheers to you my dear. You are a ⭐️.

So obviously, given the above, Julie Pilat TOTALLY fits the mold of being a participant in #SMOOTHIECONVERSATIONS. So here goes…

Would you say music is your passion?

You know, when we’re young and we’re trapped in our parents house, music can be a healing escape as you’re trying to sort through LIFE. So in that regard, yes it has always been a passion. I started working in radio when I was fourteen in Seattle. It’s always just been a lifeline for me. I really just love raw talent.

How did you end up at Apple?

About ten years ago, I took a job in LA at iHeartRadio and KissFM. It was a great move. But about five years ago I was noticing how much technology was changing and radio was getting antiquated. At the time, Jimmy Iovine called me up and asked me to be the Head of Music at Beats. (#casual) Beats Music was then bought by Apple and then Beats1 streaming began!

Streaming has totally changed the entire culture of music, how does it differ from when you got into the business?

When I got into music when I was fourteen, it was SO HARD to get your hands on music. You would save all of your money just to buy one or two CDs each month and you would LISTEN to that Lauryn Hill album and know EVERYTHING… I repeat EVERYTHING about it.

Do you like the accessibility of music today?

Absolutely! It’s just a culture shift and with that I think we have a different definition of success. Now it’s more about the story (the artist, who they are as a person, what went into making the song) than the actual song itself. There’s more opportunities for artists to connect with fans which I think is cool.

Speaking of culture and society in 2018 let’s chat SOCIAL MEDIA. What are your feelings?

A lot of people complain about social media and most of the time it gets a bad reputation but I think it’s an awesome way to stay in touch with someone! It helps you stay connected. I don’t think it’s evil.

As I mentioned above, Julie ALWAYS sees people for who they are. Never a title.

We define so much by what we do. Our day jobs, what pays the bills, etc. but really it’s just a paradigm shift. When I look at someone, I like to know what’s going on in their world. What excites them! Where the momentum is. Where the joy is! THAT is what I’m interested in.

PS you need to listen so you can hear her fantastic Allyson Felix story.

OK, so I know music is obviously a big passion of yours. So is community and storytelling. What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know what their passions are?

If you plant seeds, something is going to grow. So figure out what makes you happy, FEED that, and just DO SOMETHING!


I know you’re actively involved in the community. You are a huge supporter of A PLACE CALLED HOME in South Central LA and YOUTH MENTORING. Why those organizations?

I think it’s important for everyone to figure out what nonprofit is right for them but, for me, I love kids. And they are part of my home. They are in my backyard. There are a lot of kids in our city who don’t have relationships with adults who are not authority figures. So I like to be a part of that support system for them and help empower them.

OK, as I start to wrap this up…a very important topic to discuss. THE IDEA FOUNTAIN!

What is it?

It is an interview series I started to bring together people I love over a fireside chat in my home featuring guests who have positively changed my life! It’s a celebration.


To conclude, any self-care tips you recommend?

Hands down, meditation. It’s changed my life.


Until next week,


Pics of Holly and Julie by Holly Jo Hubbell

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