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Britt Meets Zoe Welch

Britt Turpack

Posted on October 22 2018

Zoe Welch aka SPARKLE.

What is a SPARKLE?

A SPARKLE is someone who glistens effortlessly, without trying.

Their ability to light up a room with their entrance is impressive. They uplift everyone around them and make any person laugh and feel full of love and full of joy. They are so fun to be around and did I mention they are typically members of the SNEAKER GIRL GANG?!? Yes, that is a SPARKLE.

Aside from the daily duties of being a SPARKLE, Zoe is an Austin based yoga instructor. After years of dancing ballet professionally, an injury forced Zoe to take a look at how she was caring for her body, and it was a combination of yoga and pilates that got her back on her feet. Her appreciation for movement and health has motivated her towards a career in teaching and sharing the joy of yoga and dance with others.

About one year ago, Zoe parted ways with her beloved beach (a former Santa Monica resident like myself) and found herself in Austin. (What I am currently doing now) Before she made her move, I attended one of her yoga classes in Santa Monica. Now, if you know me, you are fully aware I LIVE FOR A WORKOUT CLASS, specifically LEKfit or spinning in a dark room. AKA I am into high energy/fast paced fitness methods that make you SWEAT and usually involve loud music. Prior to knowing her or any of the above, I remember walking out of her class thinking OMG I FINALLY FOUND A YOGA CLASS I LOVE. I am finally going to become a yogi. As I introduced myself and inquired about her upcoming classes, she informed me that she was moving to Austin the very next week. MAJOR SIGH. SLASH my yoga practice was put on pause.

Cut to my two week Austin trip, where having a #SMOOTHIECONVERSATIONS with Zoe over a delicious I DREAM OF GREENIE from Juiceland was obviously on our list of TO DO’S. We decided to make an event of it and got pampered with an all-natural manicure from Ten Over Ten on South Congress thanks to my friend @missferk. After a little beauty time, we found ourselves at a Penn State bar in TEXAS (yes that was a fun surprise) and drank beer and played a mean game of cornhole. WATCH OUT AUSTIN I think Ms. Sparkle and me may have found new careers in cornhole playing (cornholing…is that a word? I do not know!) PS is there a profesh league for the sport? Inquiring minds want to know!

When it came time to our chat, Holly and me invited Zoe over to our cute Airbnb with a great porch in Clarksville and sat down to chat all things YOGA and the importance of what an active practice does for life off of the mat.

Zoe, I think of YOU being a fitness/wellness GO TO for inspiration and knowledge. Do you view yourself this way?

My job is to inspire people to live their healthiest and happiest life, so yes I guess I identify with that! (She says with a smile/giggle.)

You LOVE the beach. It’s almost as if it is part of you. (I get this) WHY AUSTIN?

I moved to Austin for a boy. The relationship didn’t workout the way I expected it to but the love for the work I was doing here in addition to the friendships I made were my reason for staying. I hate to be cliché but it was the perfect example of everything happening for a reason. I truly believe that if a path doesn’t turn out the way you expect, acknowledge there may be a lesson greater than you can see at the time. The process involves a lot of trust.

When you were younger did you ever expect this is what you would be doing now?

No, I grew up doing ballet and dance but my dad is the one who forced us to stretch and instilled the importance of why stretching should be a daily practice. My dad is a Yogi so I guess it is kind of in my blood.

(PS listen to our chat so you can hear about his product, THE SOUL SEAT found here).

WHY IS YOGA IMPORTANT? What are the benefits? I must admit, it’s hard for me to practice.

There are so many positive physical benefits of yoga. It works from the ground up. It does everything from keeping your feet healthy to your knees, to your hips and all the way up to your spine. It also does wonders for your breath. You can’t get to the physical without the breath.

Is there a serious stigma attached to yoga and what is your favorite type of yoga??

I think there can but I believe Yoga should be fun! (WHY I LOVE HER YOGA CLASS-IT’S FUN)

I am always on the go and by nature I am a very high energy type of person, so one of the things I focus on most is the practice of slowing down. I do this by taking YIN classes.

WHAT IS YIN? You are speaking another language!

YIN IS MAGICAL! It takes you really deep into different poses. You hold these poses for such a long time and it allows you to get into your fascia and deep connected tissue. Some classes you do only five or six poses because you hold the poses for so long.

How important is it for you to fuel your body with healthy food?

I believe in moderation but with that being said I try to stick to what makes me feel good which is healthy food. Overly processed stuff makes my body go out of whack. I tend to primarily eat a pescatarian diet. I think the important thing is listening to what your body is telling you it needs. If I want a burger, especially during my cycle, I am going to eat the burger!

#AMEN #eattheburger

Talk to me about some of your LOVES…

I love adventures and travel. They are necessary to my well-being and happiness. I grew up traveling a lot with my parents and they instilled a serious travel bug that is still huge and here in my belly hanging out.

I believe that your work is very giving. Aside from travel, what are some other ways you practice self-care?

I LOVE TO DANCE!!! Definitely dance classes or dance parties in my living room.

What is next for you?

I have been working with Mind Body Green to help them create content.

What comes to mind when you think of the term #ROLEMODEL?

Someone who made a life out of serving to others while chasing their happy.


Ok, I can’t let you go without knowing…DO YOU LOVE SMOOTHIES?!

I FREAKING LOVE SMOOTHIES! They are a daily staple for me! You can get fruits veggies protein ALL THE THINGS on the go as you’re hustling in your purpose.

(Best answer.)

Until next week,

@brittlovessmoothies xx

Images by Holly Jo Hubbell





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