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Britt Turpack

Posted on January 01 2018

Hi Friends!!!

First of all, THANK YOU for starting to read this letter. Let’s be real though, I will REALLY be thanking you and giving you a big virtual hug/sending you good vibes and magic dust and all things happy if you continue to read it and finish it. 

My name is Britt. And I love Smoothies…really, I do. I even changed my instagram handle about a year ago to @brittlovessmoothies. (True Story.) 

Me in a nutshell…I LOVE. I love my family. I love my friends. I love giving love to everyone and everything I know.  It’s what I am good at. I love living by the beach and walking to see the sunrise or sunset on the water at least once a day. I think there is something really special in that. And I am grateful I get the opportunity to do that. I think it is one of my favorite GOD MOMENTS. I love to laugh. Laughing is my favorite…I love to find the good in everyone and everything. I love to tell stories. And I obviously love smoothies. (that would be weird if I didn’t…re above @brittlovessmoothies)

I’ve titled this last year (end of 2016-end of 2017) My Year of Surrender. And like my new friend Leanne Ford calls it…MY FREEDOM TOUR OF LIFE. Well, you see, 9 months ago I made a BOARD. A Vision Board I guess you could call it. I made a board because LIFE was hard and LIFE happened to me. Actually, I think LIFE always happens…I just didn’t let it in before. So on Nov 2, 2016…I decided to let LIFE in…for the very first time. To be OK with NOT KNOWING and to experience it without glasses on and with my eyes wide open. All of it…The self-reflection in the mirror. The pain. The heartache. The tears. Learning to really have faith. The joy. The silliness. The laughter. The growth.  Again, ALLLLLLL of it. So in the midst of my year of surrender, I didn’t know what that BOARD meant, but I knew it meant something. And I just went with it… because honestly, it was really the only thing that made sense at the time.

And now here I am, writing this letter to YOU. Sharing the journey and the evolution of the board.

The females on the board are examples of love, hard work, success, joy, grace, grit, drive, and all things wonderful. They are superheroes. THEY INSPIRE. Or breathe life as Angela (Manuel-Davis) would say. They come in all different shapes, and colors, and sizes and molds. But they are all incredible and they all have a YES MENTALITY ON LIFE… Again, what a wonderful thing to have…A YES MENTALITY ON LIFE. They #HUSTLEINPURPOSE. I admire their greatness.

Some are wine experts. Others make people feel beautiful. A few make you laugh. Some take pictures. Offer Advice. Bring people together. Bring good to the world. A very special one is a fitness evangelist. A lot are moms…wives and wear many hats. But despite the variety of differences, the one common denominator amongst all of them is that they are all strong. Intelligent. THEY HUSTLE IN PURPOSE. So I decided to share their stories, bring them together on the same platform…speak some kindness into the world. And I think we can all agree that we need a little of that right now. So that is what I am doing. CELEBRATING A YEAR OF WOMEN IN 2018…THE SISTERHOOD.

I’ve partnered with Danielle and Natalie of F equals (Obviously…I am here writing this on their page) and my incredibly talented friend Holly Hubbell who will be sharing this journey with me in pictures and, together, we will be telling the stories of 52 incredible females over the course of 2018. Releasing a fresh interview featuring a different woman each week, we will be sharing their incredible stories; the highs and lows of their lives, the lessons they have learned, the advice they would offer their younger selves and their goals for the future.

So I hope you decide to take this journey with me. It is going to be wild. And I cannot wait.

PS - to the humans listed below who helped get me to this exact point where I am at right now. I am dedicating this series to you. Every good quality I have in my being is because of each one of you.

Marisa - I will forever thank you for being an example of unconditional love. You are a living breathing walking spinning (on a soul cycle bike) example of what a role model is and my wish is for every girl is to have a friend like you…or just you. Thank you for support. For kindness. For laughter. And for rotisserie chickens. You are my family.
Marcus - For Storyboarding with me and teaching me how to make the board and giving me the encouragement to do so…and just for ALWAYS seeing me and being on Team Britt…and obviously always having Casamigos and Ben and Jerry's on hand just in case.
Angela: Angela. Angela. Angela. QUEEN. You my friend BREATHE LIFE and goodness TO THE WORLD on a day to day basis, 24/7 365. Your class, your work, YOUR PURPOSE aka YOU provided me a Community and friendship that has been the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for. It is YOU who taught me all about what it means to walk IN PURPOSE…and helped remind me of mine when I couldn’t see it.
Busy - I don’t know if you know this, but you were the first person who told me I could stand on my own two feet and do this on my own. I remember sitting in your kitchen when you told me this. Thank you. Oh, and for just being you. YOU BEING YOU really taught me ME being ME is OK. And worthy.


Louise - MY OG BESTIE. MY SISTER. My funny and wise sister who I look up to in so many ways. You have always seen me.

Seen my greatness. Always believing in me. You make my heart full. #LIT



Ashley -THE CHICA. MY FUN. My joy partner for LIFE.

Emma - You are just everything AWESOME.


Dad - I LOVE YOU. My driver and constant cheerleader, I appreciate you.


Grandpa Joe - I am so grateful for you.

NONNO - THE OG HUSTLER. Hard worker. Intelligent. Successful. Underdog cheerleader. Leader. My original inspiration to tell stories in the first place.


Laura - MY SOUL MATE FRIEND. TWIN. Constantly being a thoughtful and genuine support system and believing in me when you didn’t have to.


Lauren - You are kind ALWAYS and understanding and accepting and I appreciate your friendship. 

And to my Mom and Nonna. My best friends. My Chicas. My Cheerleaders. MY GIRLS. MY EVERYTHINGS.  THE TWO BEST FEMALES I COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR IN LIFE.


Thank you all and all those reading, I hope you join me on this journey of sisterhood.

@brittlovessmoothies  xx

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