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5th March 2015

Sisters Join Forces To Bring Fashion Into 21st Century


London-based Tease and Totes has launched its inaugural collection of on-trend statement tops celebrating the empowerment of women and children, ahead of International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March 2015.

Founded by tech stalwart Danielle Newnham, and her twin sister and fashion buyer, Natalie Bardega, the brand’s mission is to marry the worlds of fashion and technology for social good.  Newnham says, “We strongly believe in empowerment being the key factor for women and kids to achieve their potential, and that fashion is the best medium to transport that message far and wide.”

With a background in technology, Newnham saw a gap in the market for women, both “homemakers and hustlers”, who wanted to make a statement about empowerment so she joined forces with her sister to do just that. “From the moment we conceived the idea for the business, we knew we wanted it to fulfil three criteria which was to inspire, empower and to give back, and we knew it made sense to utilise our areas of expertise in fashion and technology to do just that.  At the moment, our mission is fulfilled via our slogan tops, our weekly interviews with inspirational women (#WednesdayWoman), and an ongoing partnership with a children’s charity. However, we have bigger plans, which include incorporating technology.”

Newnham adds, “We strongly believe that fashion is one of several industries which need to be brought into the 21st century and the way we plan to do that is via the technology our customer uses all day, every day – currently, their mobile phone. We are looking to tell a story behind each collection so, for instance, we’re looking at RFID (radio-frequency identification) which will allow our customers to learn the stories of historical, and modern day, female role models every time they buy an item from us."

Their statement tops, including Rebel Misfit Trouble Maker, Unapologetic, and Fearless are quickly becoming a hot favourite among female entrepreneurs and celebrated sportswomen alike. They are also the exclusive supplier, outside of the USA, to stock ex-Facebook employee Meena Harris’ I’m an entrepreneur, bitch T-shirts, as worn by supermodel and presenter Tyra Banks.

Their message is clear. “Everyone talks about getting more women into tech, and into top board positions, but a lot of women we know feel they can’t be what they can’t see,” says Newnham. “Our job is to change that, and slowly but surely, we will get there.”



For more info, please contact teaseandtotes at gmail dot com

Notes to Editors


Newnham was on the founding team of apps agency ubinow, recently sold to Havas WorkClub. She co-founded digital innovation studio We Make Play, and is author of Mad Men of Mobile and a forthcoming book about female innovators and entrepreneurs in tech. She is an advocate of women in technology and regularly talks at tech events and conferences.

Prior to Tease and Totes, Natalie Bardega spent her career as a Buying Manager, in charge of a multi-million pound budget for leading international high street store, Jane Norman.




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